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Computational Geometry

The Book of nature is written in the characters of geometry.

- Galileo


    Computational Geometry: Algorithms & Applications


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Tsinghua 70240183

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    Fall 2006 Fall 2004 Fall 2003 Fall 2001

CG Courses around the World

    Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech, Copenhagen, Maryland, Stony Brook, Rensselaer, Stanford, Rutgers, Ohio State, Illinois, California Irvine, Iowa, Princeton, California Santa Barbara, Wisconsin, Duke, Florida, Texas at Austin, Smith, South Florida, Tufts, Oxford, McGill, Kentucky, Johns Hopkins, Israel Institute of Tech., Utah, Brown, Michigan Tech, Mississippi State, UNC@Chapel Hill, Rice, New York

Conference & Workshop

The ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry (SoCG)

    SoCG'10, SoCG'09, SoCG'08, SoCG'07, SoCG'06, SoCG'05, SoCG'04, SoCG'03, SoCG'02, SoCG'01, SoCG'00, SoCG'99

The ACM-SIAM symposium on Discrete algorithm (SoDA)

    SoDA'10, SoDA'09, SoDA'08, SoDA'07, SoDA'06, SoDA'05, SoDA'04, SoDA'03, SoDA'02, SoDA'01, SoDA'00, SoDA'99, SoDA'98

The Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry (CCCG)

    CCCG'10, CCCG'09, CCCG'08, CCCG'07, CCCG'06, CCCG'05, CCCG'04, CCCA'03, CCCA'02, CCCA'01, CCCA'00, CCCA'99

The European Workshop on Computational Geometry (EuroCG)

    EuroCG'10, EuroCG'09, EuroCG'08, EuroCG'07, EuroCG'06, EuroCG'05, EuroCG'04, EuroCG'03, EuroCG'02, EuroCG'01

Japan Conference on Discrete and Computational Geometry (JCDCG)

    JCDCG'04, JCDCG'02, JCDCG'00, JCDCG'98


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    Geometry in Action

    Geometry Junkyard


    Geom. Algorithms

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